Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair

Art Gallery O-68 heeft 2 stands 51 en 52

Kunstenaars 51: Coen Vernooij, Edgar Knoop, Els van ’t Klooster, en Mariska de Groot

Maureen Bachaus heeft solo-stand  52


08/02/2017 – 12/02/2017
Art The Hague 2016

O-68 neemt deel aan Art The Hague en heeft stand 7. Kunstenaars: Maureen Bachaus (NL), Johan Clarysse (BE), Edgar Knoop (AT), Jan Swart (NL), Coen Vernooij (NL)


05/10/2016 – 09/10/2016
KunstRAI Amsterdam 2016

Stand 47


01/06/2016 – 05/06/2016
Rotterdam Contemporary 10-14 februari 2016

The presentation of Art Gallery O-68 oscillates between ‘concrete constructivism’ and ‘abstracted realism’. Sculptures by Coen Vernooij are not abstractions of a reality, they derive from it. Paintings by Theo Kuijpers are constructivist with colours and shapes in rhythmic patterns. Landscapes by Edgar Knoop show precise control over fortuities of tearing cardboard. Plaster works by Roos van Dijk are geometric in shape, but they spring from reality. The video by Maureen Bachaus ‘Searching for the light’ suggests forms fluttering to fire. Charcoal drawings of nudes by Arlene Diehl leave much concealed, but are not abstract.


10/02/2016 – 14/02/2016
Art The Hague

Van 7-11 oktober: Art The Hague, stand 7

Theo Kuijpers, Coen Vernooij, Roos van Dijk, Maureen Bachaus, Arlene Diehl


07/10/2015 – 11/10/2015

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