Art Gallery O-68 is a gallery for contemporary art that accommodates established national and international artists with work in various techniques. In addition, the gallery supports starting talented young artists. 

Art Gallery O-68 complies with the Gallery Fair Practice Code of the Dutch Gallery Association


Art Gallery O‑68 presents exhibitions by both established and young artists, national and international. O‑68 started in 2011 at location Oranjestraat 68 in Velp, a small town 5 km from the city of Arnhem and 100 km from Amsterdam. The present property at Oranjestraat 74 was built in 1883 as a gym, since 1953 used as a church and acquired by the gallery in 2019. Next to the gallery, at Oranjestraat 70 left door, is Depot-o68, rooms furnished in Art Deco style with works on sale by artists who previously exhibited in the gallery. Depot‑o68 can be visited by appointment. O‑68 organizes 6 to 8 thematic exhibitions per year and participates in international fairs, such as UNSEEN Amsterdam, Scope Art Basel, London Art Fair, DRAW Art Fair London, The Solo Project Brussels and VOLTA New York.

Anne Mie Emons started O‑68 after her retirement as a professor of Plant Cell biology at Wageningen University in 2011, in which year, she took courses at ‘Sotheby’s Institute of Art’ in London (UK): ‘Practical guide to starting an art gallery’, ‘Business management in the art world’, ‘Contemporary art’, and others.

O‑68 presents paintings, drawings, photos, installations and videos, the latter in a special video room. When choosing an artist, we ask ourselves four questions. Do I Iike the work? The emotional appeal. Is the work well-made with the highest mastery of the medium? The technical, craftsmanship appeal. Does it communicate the artist’s expertise? The credibility, ethics, appeal. Does it address the present and calls action on the future? The relevance appeal.

O-68 wants to be surprised. We appreciate art that teaches us something we didn’t know and that stretches the (aesthetic) possibilities of the medium, such as the works of Lon Godin. Maaike Kramer mixes and transforms materials such as pencil drawings in and on concrete, subtle thoughts in earthy material. With photographic works and installations, Louise te Poele transformed rooms into living works of art in Villa Mondriaan in 2022, questioning the dividing line between inside and outside, limitation and freedom, animal and nature. Daphne van de Velde pushes photography in two directions, starting with a performance that is made into a video, photos of it, and from there collages and even sculptures. Nikki van Es tries to understand the structure and the coherence of nature by displaying microscopic details of plant and mycorrhizal structures, in a combination of imagination and observation. Simone Albers’ mixed media work results in a strong visual imagery that urges us to see the beauty of nature. Andrea Radai subtly holds up a mirror to society in her paintings, sometimes actually mounted in hand mirrors. Wanda Tuerlinckx takes photos of androids with a wooden 19th century camera, sparking our curiosity about what it means to be Homo sapiens.

MEET THE GALLERY | O-68 |Interview with Anne-Mie Emons at the fair VOLTA New York, 2023

Video about O-68 Saturday 14 March 2015 in program lifestyleXperience plus

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Art should inspire, not decorate.

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