Deseus del espiritu

Datum - 30/10/2016 - 27/11/2016

Aracelly Scheper (1983) and Carel Lanters (1955)

This duo exhibition, a combination of young and experienced, was an exciting exhibition.

Aracelly Scheper (Bogota, 1983) graduated from Fine Art ArtEZ Arnhem in 2016, where Carel Lanters worked as a lecturer in spatial design for 8 years. For her ‘artistic re-search’, Scheper wrote a manifesto in which she talks about the mystical connection between the camera, emotions and the spectator’s psychology. She mostly makes silent video works in which the silence is carried by the image. Her images arise from the desire to get close to her own story, which is ‘missing’. Aracelly was adopted at the age of three months. The lack of information about her past has created a fascination for the (life) story that is incomplete. The associated question is: “ How can you miss something you have never known? ” In order to imagine what it is like not to know, she distances herself from the (classic) narrative in her work and calls out the silence, the sense of reverie. “I see the narrative in the film as an impediment in the imagination. I want to maintain an openness in my work that embraces the unanswered ”.

She received the VVAO prize for the work that arose during her research. This prize was awarded in the context of the 75th anniversary of the VVAO Arnhem (Association for Women with an Academic Education). The jury consisted of VVAO members Carol Westrik, World Heritage consultant and Anne Mie Emons, gallery owner, Art Gallery O-68, Velp. Anne Mie Emons has also awarded Aracelly Scheper the O-68 work prize and invited her to exhibit in her gallery O-68.

Photos work and biography Aracelly Scheper
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