Frosty Rainbows and other dark Fantasies

Datum - 26/02/2023 - 26/03/2023

Jan Maarten Voskuil, Rob Bouwman, Inge Reisberman


Rob Bouwman (Woerden 1981) has caused a sensation in recent years with colorful abstract works painted on smooth wooden panels. The applied paint is spread rhythmically over the surface with the fingers or with “rachels” specially made by him. Patterns emerge, rich in details and color shades.

In the spatial paintings of Jan Maarten Voskuil (Arnhem 1964), as in Bouwman’s, the traditional composition is absent. But unlike Bouwman’s detailed image, Voskuil opts for an even, monochrome surface. The handwriting is completely missing. The tension is created by deforming that surface. He achieves this distortion by making the stretcher three-dimensional and then stretching the canvas over it. Gradations in light and dark are created. The light is concretely present in the work.

With a view to Bouwman’s colorful work, Voskuil, in this exhibition in Velp is showing, among other things, a series of works sprayed with chrome paint that have not been shown before, which as an absorbing mirror everything around it, including the paintings by Bouwman, distorts.

The videos by Inge Reisberman (Almelo, 1959) are about the perception of time and space. In long shots she uses substances such as flour, salt and water. She likes to work in ‘slow cinema’ technique, taking the time to connect the fabrics with the storyline of her work. In this exhibition she shows salt, a substance that she has often used in her videos. Salt is not only visually fascinating, but also has a range of meanings and context. The image of floating salt crystals could easily be associated with the initial situation of the earth, one large (salt) water surface.