Mini-Exhibition on demand 4

Datum - 24/04/2021 - 20/05/2021

In ‘MINI-EXHIBITIONS ON DEMAND 4’ we especially bring the following artists to your attention: Sibylle Eimermacher, Inge Reisberman, Aracelly Scheper, Jan Swart.

The photographs by Sibylle Eimermacher show gemstones shaped and polished for jewelry. They are documented in a way that is common for the documentation of museum collections. The miniature gemstones are extremely blown up in size, making visible crystalline structures and scratches of use, that otherwise are rarely perceived by the naked eye. Eimermacher reflects on the expressiveness of stones: the symbolic and energetic ‘voice’-like properties of protection and balancing, as well as meaning from the time they served as jewelry.

The work of Inge Reisberman is in the field of video, video installations and photography. Her films and photos usually show a balance between abstraction and figuration. Her installations are characterized by a balanced relationship between poetry and rawness, in which content and environment come together in a conceptual and sensory way. In the short film Dialogue # 1 (Inge Reisberman & Michiel Keller) two men get to know each other in an unorthodox way. Contact is coded with all kinds of social behavioral instructions, often culture related. What happens if you don’t follow the written and unwritten rules?

Aracelly Scheper is a video artist. What is her narrative? The silent video works and installations that she creates, show absence, even though they are filled with highly personal objects. She started collecting the personal belongings of her Dutch family when she was trying to get comfortable with the reality of losing her Colombian family. Extracting the objects from any narrative, they become isolated from their meaning. Even though the gesture is minimal, the cautious movement of the camera, the softness in which the objects are researched, presume a great connection to them. In her videos they become part of the desire to understand her situation. The strange phenomena of missing something you have never known.

From the start of the pandemic, Jan Swart had more time to work on canvases that had been stored in his studio for decades. These canvases had something, but it took time to get that out. Last year, the pressure was gone. What remained was space, the most important aspect in his work. Space, but also light. The reduction of condensation stripes in the air, and therefore less filtering of the light, produces a light that is back after decades. This resulted in a series of paintings. The second series has been completed under the heading “nineteen seven ninety-one”: seven works originating in January / February 1991, but completed in February 2021. There is also room for nature now: light, natural shapes and colors and the interaction between human and natural forms.

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