Datum - 15/09/2022 - 18/09/2022

Daphne van de Velde

Louise te Poele

Miloushka Bokma

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Short presentation description:

Cross-overs from the internal and the external, from gravity to weightlessness and transition to a new era

At UNSEEN 2022 Art Gallery O-68 presents artists Daphne van de Velde (1973), Louise te Poele (1984) and Miloushka Bokma (1971), artists who transcend the limitations of the photographic medium.

With her own body, Daphne van de Velde explores the border, the skin, as a transition zone between the internal and the external. Photography paper functions as a substitute for skin, the skin that meets, touches, physically reacts, protects and isolates. Van de Velde experiments with the flat surface of her photographs, manipulating them to construct fragile photo sculptures, collages, installations and multimedia. How do we deal with our containment of ‘self’?

Louise te Poele wonders: ‘how flexible is the world?’ As flexible as the mind? Nature and natural phenomena, such as gravity and reflections, are important elements/themes for her. Her more abstract works are about gravity and her desire for weightlessness. They are also the starting points for her spatial figurative work. She builds worlds with man-made objects. The objects in each work belong together. How do we deal with our containment of man-made objects?

In the ‘Power of Paralysis’ the series Miloushka Bokma is working on, she is inspired by the current sense of chaos and unease associated with the transition to a new era. How can we learn to deal with the fear that big changes bring? Is it possible for humanity to transcend to a society in which humanity is central rather than the economic interest and digital control systems? How do we deal with our containment of ‘freedom’?

We present this in a ‘booth large ring’, which has 5 walls.

  • A photo sculpture by Daphne van de Velde will be hanging from a ceiling in the middle of the 4.50 by 2m front part of the booth with other works by her on the walls.
  • The corner square of 3.50 by 3 m will have works by Miloushka Bokma with special attention to the corner between these two walls.
  • The long wall of 5.50 m will have works by Louise te Poele.