Charlotte Koenen wins the O- 68 Award 2022

Short text from the jury report by Isabelle Bisseling, visual artist, art historian, curator, researcher at the Kröller Müller Museum, Otterlo, NL

Charlotte Koenen’s work practice has similarities with Onmyōdō, the Japanese teaching that tries to understand the world through observation and experimentation. Charlotte wants to ‘understand matter and the way in which forms arise’ through experiment. She therefore allows things to solidify, melt, bubble up, rust, rot and even eat them by ants. She initiates a process of transformation into material by exposing it to natural phenomena, to time and to other materials and substances, causing chemical reactions. Not only does the material change, but something happens in the air around it; fumes, gases and odors. In this way, Charlotte explores the visible and invisible boundaries of nature that shape our world. The work we see is often the residue of her experiments, with a wealth of natural forms that only the material itself could create. 


O-68 Award 2020/21/22

Art Gallery O-68 will present the O-68 Award for the third time in 2022. It is an incentive prize of €10,000. This Award is open to visual artists who were born, studied, work or live in the Dutch border provinces, Rhineland Westphalia in Germany or Flanders in Belgium, and who graduated from an art institution between 7 and 16 years (2006-2015) ago. The prize aims to stimulate artists during a period when a turning point in their careers is taking place for many.

The jury for this award consists of:

  • Isabelle Bisseling, art historian, curator and visual artist, The Netherlands
  • Gerd Borkelmann, visual artist, curator, Germany
  • Marcel Doorduin, visual artist, teacher, The Netherlands
  • Karen Vermeren, visual artist, teacher, Belgium

Selection criteria are quality of work and a plan for using the prize for the development of one’s own career. You can submit from March 1 to July 1, 2022, 24 h. In September we will announce the 3 finalists and then visit their studios.

The prize will be awarded during the festive opening of an exhibition of the works of the 3 finalists on Sunday 16 October 2022. The 2 finalists who did not win the prize will each receive €1000.

In addition, Contemporary Art Platform WARP in St. Niklaas, Belgium, offers the three winning finalists an exhibition.

Download the registration form: Application form for the O-68 award 2022


O-68 AWARD 2017

Wieteke Heldens won the O-68 Award 2017. She exhibited her work together with Karen Vermeren in the exhibition “De Finalisten” from December 10 2017 to January 14 2018.







The nominees for the O-68 Award 2017 were

Elise EeraertsKaren VermerenWieteke Heldens


O-68 Award 2014

werk van de winnaars van de O-68 prijs 2014 in Art Gallery O-68






From left to right:

Casper Verborg: event no 1

Mariska de Groot: Installation Cinechine,

Heidi Linck: 2 drawings

The winner was: Mariska de Groot