Andriana Plagketi

Spatium parallel, exhibition at Art Gallery O-68, Velp, with works by Roos van Dijk (NL) and Andriana Plagketi (GR)

Works Plagketi €700 – €2900

Roos van Dijk and Andriana Plagketi obtained a MFA at the Frank Mohr Institute in 2018 and had a joint graduation exhibition. Now they continue their artistic conversation in Art Gallery O-68 with the title “Spatium parallel. For both artists, geometry is important, space, spatium, but in parallel worlds.

The artistic practice of Andriana Plagketi is also focused on abstract painting, in particular, geometric abstraction. Her work shows environments in which geometric shapes unfold and create a rhythm in an imaginary space. Shapes, colours and lines are displayed simply and clearly. They give the viewer the opportunity to make visual simulations instead of memories and correlations with existing images. She also uses carriers other than canvas.

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