Jan Pater

Sculptures Jan Pater exhibition February 2015:

€3000,– en €6000,–

Exhibition 2012

Biography Jan Pater

Jan Pater is a Dutch sculptor

Only in 1996, Pater got seriously involved with sculpting and was tutored by many sculptors, such as Piet Vos and Leo van den Bos.

Studio Sem in Pietrasanta, Italy

Pater decided to become a professional sculptor at age 50, encouraged by the opportunity to participate in sculpting in Studio Sem in Pietrasanta, Italy, where artists such as César Baldaccini and Joan Miró had worked. Pater still visits the studio yearly.

Marble, granite, onyx and gneiss

Pater predominantly works with marble, granite, onyx and gneiss. He works with led, bronze, metal and wood as well. His body of work is versatile and colourful and can be seen at multiple exhibitions and galleries throughout Europe, and lately also in the US.

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