Roos van Dijk

9 June – 7 July 2019 Exhibition ‘Spatium Parallel’ together with Andriana Plagketi

Works Van Dijk €1070 – €3700

Acapulco, acrylic and medium on cotton, 65x44cm, 2018
Works 2015 (plaster in wooden frame)

Roos van Dijk and Andriana Plagketi obtained a MFA at the Frank Mohr Institute in 2018 and had a joint graduation exhibition. Now they continue their artistic conversation in Art Gallery O-68 with the title “Spatium parallel. For both artists, geometry is important, space, spatium, but in parallel worlds.

As part of her Frank Mohr curriculum, Roos studied at Hunter College New York, where her work underwent a transformation. While her focus had previously already shifted from abstraction to construction, in New York it shifted from painting as image to painting as object. What remained is the grid, sometimes as the material on which she applies the paint, e.g., corduroy instead of canvas. She lets the material work for her. Van Dijk does not use the grid to achieve proportional precision, but as the subject of artistic exploration.



Exhibition ‘Crystallisation’, works in plaster, 20-12-2015 – 24-01-2016

Works (€410 – €1220)

In 2012 Roos van Dijk had an exhibition in Art Gallery O-68 together with Simone Albers and Malou Claire, all 3 did their exam at the Art Academy ArtEZ in Arnhem in 2012

Opening Exhibition Roos van Dijk, Simone Albers, Malou Claire

Works Roos van Dijk


Biography Roos van Dijk



Roos van Dijk (1989) studied Fine Arts (BA) at Artez Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (NL) and completed one semester at the painting department of Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design (BE) an did her MA of Fine Arts Paingting at the Frank Mohr Institute.


In 2012, she received a Starters Grant from the Dutch Mondriaan Fund, a subsidy for young art talents. She joined the artist-in-residence programme of K.A.I.R. Košice Artist In Residence (SK) in the Autumn of 2013. Additionally, her work was nominated for The Dutch Royal Award of Modern Painting 2013 and 2014. Roos lives and works in Groningen and Amsterdam, The Netherlands,


Using Modern architecture as a point of departure, it is the pattern of contours and shapes of immense size that attract her. It is the sublime repetition of forms that, in her experience of the scene is switching back and forth between the considered reality of the building and an abstract composition of lines and figures. Roos executes her work in a precise, diligent way, inclined to a formal style, creating sharp dancing patterns of color, light and shadow, and bringing a linear clarity into the rush of modern life. Grids and the repetition of patterns of shadows and décor form the focus of her latest series of paintings and take also shape in her plaster structures made in 2015.

CV Roos van Dijk