Simone Albers

Simone Albers

17-22 January London Art Fair: works from the exhibition Terra Incognita, 2022, see here below

28 August 2022 – 25 September 2o22: Exhibition ‘Terra Incognita’ together wit Daphne van de Velde

Photos of works in this exhibition.For more information and prices see GalleryViewer
Price range: €1200 – €4800

July and August 2020 ONLINE SOLO Fabric of Reality for sale at ArtSy and GalleryViewer

For the series “Fabric of Reality” Simone started experimenting with a very old technique: marbling. Her paints, mediums, detergents and solvents are being mixed and ground to create a new reality in which different materials repel and attract each other: an analogy to nature’s structures and forces. 

Prices works: €300 – €3000,-
Interview with Louise Benson at London Art Fair 2019, article

That’s Psych! Discover the Retro-Futuristic Paintings of Simone Albers in ‘The Elephant’

Installation in the cellar of the gallery

‘The Elephant’

Biography Simone Albers

See All This #10 2018

Simone Albers

Simone Albers (Nijmegen, 1990) is fascinated by the evolution of the cosmos and the complexity of existence. Using natural scientific research and philosophical theories, she investigates the mechanisms hidden behind the directly perceptible world in an attempt to understand this complexity.
She gets her inspiration from both natural science and philosophy because she believes that both provide answers to our wonder about the existence. It remains a wish, because in the end it will have to be concluded that reality will never be fully comprehensible to us humans. In this daring quest, realizing its ultimate failure, her romantic game of enthusiasm and irony is expressed.
In her work Albers looks for a way to translate the complexity of existence. The starting point is always the landscape, in the broadest sense of the word, that is fragmented and layered to show hidden mechanisms. It concerns a space, fictitious or not, within which a spectacle of different objects that together tell a story is unfolding. The works often consist of several parts with tension between the individual objects and the whole, between the diversity and the unity. Each part is both an independent system and part of a larger one.

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