Helen Vergouwen

Prijzen €100,- tot  €10.000,-

Over de expositie ‘Getting There’ in Art Gallery O-68

10 maart t/m 7 april 2019

Grote sculptuur speciaal gemaakt voor deze expositie


Kleine bronzen unica uit 2009:

Werken op papier:

In de galerie:

Biografie Helen Vergouwen

The Sculptures

Helen Vergouwen’s sculptures refer to maps of houses, cities or places where she has been. These are imagined memories solidified in the sturdy material that the sculptures are made of: wood, bronze and corten steel. The structure of the material is important. Her works are about forms, usually geometric forms, but sometimes also irregular, more organic forms. Vergouwen plays with opposites such as open versus closed, rough versus smooth, inside versus outside. Geometric abstract art, but intuitive, not calculated. Helen releases emotion by letting you look at a form made from rusty steel. The attraction of her sculptures is reinforced by her masterly command of the materials she uses and the precision of her work.

The Artist

Helen Vergouwen (1960) lives, works and exhibits both in the Netherlands and in France. She studied at St. Joost Academy in Breda. Her work is exhibited in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, China, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain and Sweden. Her artworks are included in collections such as Nagy-Nemes, Budapest (HU), CIAC Center International d ‘Art Contemporary in Carros (FR), MAGI’900, Bologna (IT) and Gorcums Museum Gorinchem (NL).

CV Helen Vergouwen

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