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Uit het persbericht:

Sung Young Park was born in Korea and started her studies in fine art there, where she got a Bachelor’s degree. She did her Master’s degree in Fine Art at the University of East London at such a high level that she was selected to study for aProfessional Doctorate in Fine arts (a PhD), which she finished in 2006. 

Sung’s work has several aspects of contemporary art. It moves between abstract and figurative. She uses both figurative and abstract geometric forms in one image with flat colour in a hard-edged style. In several works she refers to work of well-known artists, like for instance the work over there ‘A View with a Room’, which refers to ‘Het Onbeschreven Blad’ van René Magritte, to be seen in’ het Koninklijk Museum voor Schone kunsten’ in Brussel. And there are more works here with one or even several references to work of famous artists. It is something to find out for your self and discuss among each other and with the artist.

Sung uses a visual language in which she moves between the physical environment and psychological ideas, matter and mind. She starts with by drawing images selected from everyday objects, photographs, magazines, references from her previous paintings and her imagination. She then combines and arranges all these elements before painting them directly onto the canvas. She has a very meticulously precise brush technique, as I already mentioned and because of which we went to London by car to fetch the works. And what you can see, she is joyful but also a daring woman, daring with the use of not everyday colours.