‘Divina Commedia’, 12 online curated shows

Datum - 30/11/2020 - 17/05/2021

Wanda Tuerlinckx: Paradiso VII, Beatrice breathes her breath into a palpable potential, 1/99, white velvet papergraphics 270 g, Image size: 18 x 18 cm, Paper size 21 x 30 cm, €333.

This year, 700 Years ago, Dante Alighieri died. He became world famous with the Divina Commedia. 

In 12 “online curated” shows, Art Gallery O-68 links illustrations of Dante Alighieri’s cantos from the Divina Commedia by Salvador Dali with work by contemporary artists of the gallery. The last and 12th edition is a surprise.

Wanda Tuerlinckx started to make illustrations especially for the Cantos inferno III, Purgatorio II, Purgatorio V, Purgatorio VII and Paradiso VII. She discussed the text of the Cantos with Erwin R. Boer and made new work using a GAN algorithm on paper. Erwin Boer drafted the text for the titles (italics) to go with Wanda’s images.

Wanda Tuerlinckx says: Inspired by the work of Dante’s Divina Commedia, I let myself be guided by form, color and abstraction. Dream images of nightmares, ghosts and fata morgana’s express themselves in the unconscious as an alchemical process of individuation through shadows from the past, present and future

No 1: Portraits: Maureen Bachaus, Miloushka Bokma, Johan Clarysse, Ad Gerritsen, Casper Verborg
No 2: Lines and Grids: Eef de Graaf, Suzanne Hartmans, Tineke Porck, Roos van Dijk, Cees van Rutten, Els van ‘t Klooster
No 3: Breasts: Maureen Bachaus, Jan Pater, Andrea Rádai and Terry Thompson.
No 4: Trees: Terry Thompson and Andrea Rádai
No 5: Curves and Circles: Simone Albers, Mariska de Groot,  Sibylle Eimermacher, Theo Kuijpers, and Eddy Stikkelorum
No 6: I Looked up and Saw: Marena Seeling, Lenneke van der Goot, Helen Vergouwen and Coen Vernooij
No 7: Buttocks: Andrea Rádai, Klaas Gubbels, Maureen Bachaus and Terry Thompson.
No 8: Who are thy ancestors: Eef de Graaf, Suzanne Hartmans, Wieteke Heldens and Maaike Kramer
No 9: Horizons: Johan Clarysse, Harrie Gerritz and Edgar Knoop.
No 10: We Live in Dantesque Times: Simone Albers, Mureen Bachaus, Ingrid Rollema, Casper Verborg
No 11: The Prevaricators: Nikki van Es, Rozemarijn Westerink
No 12: Divina Commedia illustrations by Wanda Tuerlinckx