Oct 18 2020 – Jan 24 2021: exhibition “The Fourth Wall
Miloushka Bokma, Amsterdam (video and photography), Maaike Kramer, Zeist (wall) sculptures), Andrea Radai, Amsterdam (paintings). 24 Dec 2020 – 3 Jan 2021 CLOSED.

i.r.t. covid-19: visits only by appointment PLEASE SIGN UP IN ADVANCE BY EMAIL: info@gallery-o-68.com
Dutch Gallery Association protocol at the time of Covid-19 applies:
* Do not come if you have any Covid-19 related complaints
* One family or one person may be present per 10 square meters
* Keep 1.5m away from any group or person
* Walk in the direction indicated
* Use disinfectant gel that is at the entrance
* Take the price list with you afterwards
* Keep 1.5 m away from employees

Art Gallery O-68, Oranjestraat 74, Velp IS CLOSED