Intertwined Surroundings

Datum - 11/06/2023 - 09/07/2023

Annebel Bruschinski and Lise Sore

The work of two committed artists comes together in an exhibition that focuses on the theme of identity. Both explore the influence of their environment on their identity and prefer a tactile processing of their material. Various types of textiles, woven together and/or colored come together in an exchange of materials, thoughts and gestures.

During the opening on June 11, there will be a performance by Ratri Notosudirdjo (Jakarta 1994). Notosudirdjo is an interdisciplinary artist from Bali, Indonesia and currently based in Rotterdam. In her research and practice she focuses on post-colonial theory. Storytelling is central to this in both historical and contemporary contexts. Mechanisms that enable cultural and poetic identity are often explored

Annebel Bruschinski (Delft 1998) reflects on the intimacy between man and textile. She processes found textiles with soap, creates human objects and researches intimacy in daily rituals. Textiles are woven and knotted into a network of cords, the cords of ecology, psychology and consumerism. Clothing dramatically contributes to environmental degradation. In addition, clothing shows the pace and extent of human shopping addiction. Which, unintentionally, links textiles and soap to consumerism, feminism and ecology. Annebel Bruschinski graduated from the HKU and lives and works in Rotterdam. She has had a number of exhibitions, including at the NEON foundation and The New Current..

Lise Sore (Niamey 1986) makes autobiographical work in which she shares extremely vulnerable experiences with the viewer. Sore studies captured emotional moments before converting them into hyper-realistic drawings in which the viewer is taken into a feeling being. Memories and their influence on identity play an important role in her work. From this theme, Sore’s subject gradually broadens and space is also created for landscape elements. Lise Sore was born in Niger, West Africa and lives and works in Breda. Sore’s work has been shown in Stedelijk Museum Breda, CODA Apeldoorn and PARK Tilburg, among others. During Big Art 2020, Sore’s monumental self-portrait was the eye-catcher.