Mariska de Groot

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About Nibiru:

Nibiru is the 9th planet passing our solar system, once every 3000 years. During her performance at Art Rotterdam 2017 Mariska De Groot (1982, NL) intends to track the trace and shape of Nibiru with a simple handmade apparatus. Her artwork, ‘Nibiru’, is an analogue and mechanical performative installation, wherein her simple rhythmical body movements activate a squeaky drawing machine that creates complex mathematical images. Noises of friction are amplified and light-sensitive speakers, which scan the changing projected geometric image, create sound patterns. Tracing Niburu is recorded on glass plates resulting in tangible works of art. Mariska will give the performance a number of times during the fair. The glass plates are for sale.

Impression of her performance in TV:

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Mariska de Groot