HKU and Catharijne Convent

Exam exhibition HKU in Utrecht. I mention 3 artists.

Janneke Bolt (1962) composes photographs, which give a longing for being there, in that place that does not exist: Nice.

Jillian Pieplenbosch (1991) works with acrylic, oil, and ink on paper. She follows a path. She has a goal. She is at the beginning of something that will grow. Lots of potentiality.

Marie Reintjens (1990) produces acrylic works on canvas. She is fascinated by light. How to bring light onto a two-dimensional canvas using paint. The works are almost abstract, but all suggest a reality.

Like Eugene Jongerius, director of the school says: These young artists classify, interpret, reproduce and influence.

After that visit I went to the Catharijneconvent, the exhibition “Goddelijke Inspiratie: Russische  Ikonen Ontmoeten Westerse Kunst. What a difference in so many aspects. Go and see this fantastic exhibition, done very well. Congratulations to the curators.



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