Blood sweeat tears diploma in the Hague

Saturday July 6, I went to the graduates exhibition 2013 of the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, BSc en MsC. Like in my blog about this expo in Utrecht I describe 3 students of the Fine Arts group.

Alina Eliza Smocov  makes almost monochromatic paintings of human body parts, in which she tries to  give a deep meaning to the word “silence”. Indeed the works transpire quietness, very serene.

Margina Ruiter disputes Wittgenstein’s dictum “What we cannot speak about, we must pass over in silence”. In her art she tells about those things we cannot say, which probably is the heart of all art.

Inèz van Dillen researches the possibility of a work to be a work of art. This research is not about what cannot be said, but about what cannot be known. Her graphic work “Monade” shows vulnerability and shows us a new way of looking.

Graduates 2013 was a nice and lively exhibition in a nice building at a beautiful location.


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